15 November 2011

[SUMMARY] November = Lucky Month & Engdow(JYJ_reborn) = the luckiest Girl in the world

It started with..
- 4th November: JYJ Press Conference in Berlin. There, I was able to see JYJ Live!! Only few metres far away from me. AND I was almost to bump into Kim JaeJoong accidently !! That day..Chunnie also made eye contact with me several times. O.O Futhermore, at the press conference I was sitting next to BeyondMonica! what a coincidence :D

- 6th November: JYJ Concert in Berlin!! I sat at block 26 row 4 !! It was such a great seat!!! absolutely in the middle where I can see the stage clearly!! (that's also why I could take some nice pics) (^o▽)^o(~▽)~

-15th November: OMG!!! I was not online when it happened >__< Kim Junsu changed his Twitter DP. and OMGsun!! That pic is taken by me at JYJ concert in Berlin !!!! I'm so happy ≧✯◡✯≦ I was screaming out loud and also jumping around like crazy haha XD This is absoultely UNBELIEVABLE!!!

We'll see how this month ends ^___^

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