08 November 2011

[FANACC] 111106 JYJ Concert in Berlin

I woke up around 5.30 in the morning to catch the train at 7.00 AM. My friend(Jenny) and I arrived to the venue at 8 O’clock.. OMG!!! There were 2 lines. One for VIP/SVIP tickets and another one for normal seats. Both lines were sooOoo long O.O

Luckily, Miki (a friend of mine from Australia) was there already. She changed turn with Ayo ( Miki’s friend from Japan) who slept at the venue last night O.O wuhhh~ She just went to rest at her hotel when we arrived Tempodrom. Miki brought us hot chocolate because it was really cold >.<” During waiting on the line, RockJJ staffs gave us Jaejoong banners. Well, I talked about Jaejoong banner with some people who were standing near me..they also found it unfair to hold Jaejoong banner during JaeJoong’s solo performance “I will Protect You” because we don’t have any banner for Junsu and Yoochun >__<” Almost everyone has got Jaejoong banners so I asked them to smile at my camera XD ^__^” yeahh they did it very well ^^

Second later, a black van arrived to the venue. I remembered it clearly that it was the same van of JYJ!!!! OMG!! People were so excited who were inside the van. Finally, a guy appeared.. OmgSun!! You wouldn’t believe what I was thinking!!?!! That person looked ABSOLUTELY like Park Yoohwan ( Yoochun’s brother) !!!! Wuhhh I left my line immediately and rushed running directly to him !!!! then I was about 5 Metres far away from him but… =.= he wasn’t Yoohwan. Many girls also ran to him and asked for his autograph. XDDD hahaha he became famous. Although, he was just someone who was going to sell JYJ official lightsticks. Still.. I couldn’t stop staring at him. He was so similar to Yoohwan from metres far away :/ Later, my friend asked me, if I also wanted a glowstick. She went to buy it. It was a red one about 25 cm. long ^.^

It was 10 AM already but ticket office wasn’t open yet T^T we waited and waited… Finally, ticket office for normal seats was open. Around 10.45 AM our ticket office was open as well. The lines moved slowly. The ticket officer for normal seats did their job very well that they had finished their worked after an hour. In comparison to our line which had finished around 3 PM. T___TT Finally, it was my turn !!!!! It kept praying all the time “ Please the first 5 rows.. pls pls pls!! >.<” When I got the tickets I hurried checking them up !! OMG!!! 4th row !!! XDDD I was so happy :D

After that, we went to have lunch because we hadn’t eaten anything for the whole day. Later, we bought some snacks from the bakery and went back to the venue again. There, I met Joachim, a fanboy of JaeJoong from Belgium who I exchanged the ticket for… He brought like 200 red ballons with him and gave fans for free. He also covered his back with JaeJoong green towel. Many fangirls asked him if they could take picture of him and his Jaejoong towel lol XD

 A moment later, wuhhh I saw … Beyondmonica again !!! haha for the second times now :D She wore black dress again. She was with a cameraman and some jounalists from Korean presses. They interviewed some fan groups from abroad ^^ fans were so excited about it. I really wanted to get to talk to her. BUT she was busy all the time T^T”

After that 2 ladies from American press asked Joachim and me, if we could talk something in front of the camera. Something like.. what’s my name. Where am I from? Why I like JYJ?? And some words to support JYJ. OMG OF COURSE I said “YESSS” because it was a great chance to show my support!! JYJ may come back to Europe for their concert again and also a great chance for JYJ to be even more famous in the USA!!! :D We talked to some fans there about JYJ. It was really great ^.^ Theresa (a girl I went with to JYJ press conference) showed a Yoochun’s bias… something…something which that girl would get shocked haha that was Yoochun’s autograph. That girl screamed like crazy XD she wanted it too =)) ~~ Officially, the door will be opened at 5.30 PM. But it was delayed. We stood on the line to get inside.I arrived inside the hall about 6.30 PM. People were so excited. Yeahhh!! Who wouldn’t :P The concert started about 19.15 PM…. Fans screamed out so loud when In Heaven MV and concert teaser were shown!! Finally!~~ >>> Your heart is EMPTY..EMPTY…EMPTY !! >>> AYYY AYYY AYYY AYYY AYYY…AYYY Girl XD >>> Yeahhh now it’s time to dance guys!!! BE MY GIRL !!!

We danced along with JYJ. It was really funny and amazing haha I couldn’t dance >< I just followed what steps our boys did :P huhu ----Talk 1began---- JYJ showed us their German XD Junsu said “Ich liebe dich/euch” = “I love you guys”. Jaejoong: “Berlin, wo seid ihr???” = “Berlin, where are you???”. Yoochun with his dangerous words “ Was geht?!” = “What’s up?!” hahah everyone were laughing so hard XDDD They said that German girls are so tall and wondered if German girls like shot boys. They thought if they have to wear high heels when they talk to them kekeke!!!

Now… Solo performances started!!~~ It started with Yoochun’s “I Love You“ OMG!! I must say Gala was soOOo sexy when she was dancing in front of him..i was about to die =.= fans were screaming and screaming. I ran my camera’s shutter non-stop :P wuhhh

Following by JaeJoong’s solo “I will Protect You” He has got a kind of soft voice… I felt so comfortable whil listening to him. Feeling like I was IN HEAVEN !! Yahhh :DDD

Finally, Junsu’s solo “You’re so Beautiful” wow O.O I was thinking “ Junsu ah~ You’re so Beautiful and Wonderful too!!” His voice was really really clear. That was so awesome!!

----Talking---- the boys were soOOo funny..I couldn’t remember the whole conversation. But still remember that they talked about foods JYJ members like in Germany. Junsu said “ ummm German banana is really delicious” hahah the entire hall were laughing out loud XDDD then it was Chunnie’s turn. He was thinking so hard :P fans shouted out “ BEER!!!” hahah yeah finally, he replied “ Yeah Beer!” keke Chun ah! We all know you well ;P ;P Now our prince Jae XD He was thinking hard as Chunnie too huhu then he answered “ Beer, tequila and Schnitzel “ hahah Soulmate <3 Beer :D
 Now Chajatta!!! ^_________~ I really love this song!!! The fanchant was so great. We sang along especially the part “ Saranghe~ Nul saranghe..“ waving our lightsticks and singing along :D such a wonderful picture ^^ Later came.. Pierrot  the dancers wore white mask.Their dancing was really good too. Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh ~ “Fallen Leaves” sounded so sad. TT Actually, I prepared a yellow glowstick. But only few people used it so I just waved my red stick during that performance instead >__< Anyway… now it’s dancing time baby !! :D Mission, make a mission. Let’s go mission make it make it go !!! Yeahhh actually, we only allowed to stand up when JYJ allowed us to do << said the guard. BUT who cared?? It’s “Mission” Baby haha all of us stood up immediately !!! XDDD singing, dancing and jumping with the boys…!!!! I felt like we broke the rules hahahha !!!

----Talking---- JYJ told us that they were going to sing the last song “IN Heaven” because they didn’t have so much time to prepare lots of songs. And this will also be their last concert for 2011. All of us were so sad >__< We shouted out “Kajima! Kajima! Kajima!” I could see JaeJoong’s face… he looked so sad T__T: Even my friend (Jenny) said “Stop shouting out Kajima!!! They are going to cry now!!” Y___Y The music was played… I was waiting for this song because I really wanted to hear it LIVE!!! OMG!!! This was sooOoo awesome and unforgettable!!! I really really fell in love with their live performance.
(Even Jenny, who is non-fan of JYJ said that In Heaven is such a beautiful song and JYJ did a great performance. Because I didn’t want to go to the concert alone so I forced her to come with me LOL but she also likes Junsu very much hihi =) at the end, she said it was a very good concert..and she was happy to get to know many JYJ fans ^.^) In Heaven performance was done… but still we shouted out minutes long  JYJ! JYJ! Saranghe!! Saranghe!! We thought that it was really a last song. But who knew.. after few minutes “Get Out” music was opened !!!!!!!! I screamed out loud!!!!!!! OMG!! Such a big surprise hahaha And it was the time for the really last song >____<  “Be My Girl Remix” JYJ said “ Jump! Jump! Jump!” yeahhh we jumped and danced together XD

I could catch some pictures. But because the memory cards for my camera were full..i had to take photo with my phone instead =.= the quality was so bad :/ After this performance it was time to say goodbye. I couldn’t believe it. T__T We all wanted more !!! too bad >< JYJ waved their hands and went back to the stage…

Time ran so fast that moment… I didn’t want to leave the hall..but we had to. The securities told us to leave the hall as soon as possible right after the concert done. T,T we got out of the venue. I said goodbye to Miki, Ayo and Joachim. But before we took some pictures together as a great memory ^^ That was an unforgettable evening for me. Yeahhh I’s been waiting for soOoo long… it was really worth ^_______^ I didn’t only see them at the concert but also at the press conference. OMG!! I felt like I’m the luckiest girl in the world hahaha =))

Thanks to JYJ for giving me great days~ How wonderful my life is… when you guys are in the world :D see you next time !!!!
Ps. I must say that the BG music was way too loud that sometimes we could hardly hear what JYJ were singing Y__Y I recorded voices but gosssh it was too loud that I feel like my headphone will be broken right after that hahah XD Although, I cannot share you guys the audio but I hope at least you guys enjoy the pictures I’ve taken ^___~


  1. I love your fan account so much, JYJ_reborn! This concert is awesome and unforgetable, rite? Joachim is impression, too. Thanks for sharing :x!

  2. Love.....love....love this!!!
    Thank you for sharing.
    And I'm LOL-ing hard to the bald man, he's like all over your picts.

  3. I was also at the concert... it was so beautiful!! ♥ It was my first concert (really ^^")and it was so amazing~ :D:D I'd loved to stay way longer!! Even when dancing they sang so great!! x3 Though I was a bit disappointed they didn't give autographs afterwards >3< Oh it would've been wonderful *_* So when they give their next concert, I'm definitely there! ;D
    I also took photos but the quality sucks... I still love them xD
    Well, I also didn't understand every part of the conversations. What did they say, something like "Junsu's behind" ? Everybody laughed and I was like "... what?" v.v
    But it was still the VERY BEST *_* So thank you for summarizing this beautiful event! :D