06 November 2011

[PICS] 111106 JYJ Concert in Berlin Tempodrom

Wuhh! I must say it was amazing and unforgettable!!!!! Luckily, I sat in the 4th row..quite near the stage :D These are only few from total pictures I've taken from the concert. But I'll upload some more tomorrow again ^.^ it's already late for today...
PS. *WARNING* prepare some tissues..you're going to bleed in Yoochun's solo song XD :P :P hahah

Tempodrom at 8AM.

JYJ official goods :))

Beyondmonica is making an interview with some foreign fans ^^

Please take out wit full credit ==> JYJ_reborn thank you! :))


  1. Thanks for sharing.
    so funny ^______^

  2. Great pics!
    Hi i'm from Germany
    I'm writing an article for my school magazine. It's about Kpop and bcoz JYJ is my fav it's especially abouth them. Unfortunately i don't have any supporting pics for the article. I mailed Cjes but they never replied T_T
    Can i take some of ur pics of the Berlin concert for my article please? Reply~~~ ♥