05 November 2011

[FANACC+PICS] Ahjuma fans @ Berlin Tempodrom + Phoenix Fanmeeting

Today at 10.45 AM I was waiting for a friend(Miki) at Tegel Airport. When she arrived we went to her hotel and met another chinese girl who lives in Germany,who is also going to attend JYJ concert tomorrow. Later, we left Miki's hotel then headed to Mövenpick Hotel to meet with a friend of Miki. We 4 ladies were ==> 3x Jaeharems and 1x Chunsa XDDD

After that(around 11.30 AM) we went to see the venue. OMG!! some people already queue up the lines!! There were so many japanese ahjuma fans!! I must say they're so lovely. They have many cute JYJ stuffs. But they were too shine to take the photo with those stuffss. In stead,they let young fans carry it while I was taking the pictures. I asked the ahjumas how many years they have been fans of JaeChunSu. They aswered me "8 years!!" I said with wide open eyes "WHAT??"! They said "Yeah! since their debut ^.^" Later, we went to Potsdamer Platz..there our friend noticed that one japanese ahjuma carried the same bag as Miki (JYJ Unforgettable Live Concert in Japan bag). So we asked her and her friend directly if they both also come to Germany for JYJ concert. They replied us "Yes!!" Both of them are Junsu's fans :D They even showed us their self made Junsu stuffs for the concert !!! awwww <3<3<3 We took some pictures and went for sightseeing...

At 5PM the Phoenix Fanmeeting started~ Miki and I were there.It was really cold and windy outside. Phoenix people started to bind the banners on the metal rail. They gave fans the white and red lightsticks for free and also the lyrics of "Be My Boy" Fanchant too. Later, we started to sing a few of "Chajatta". We also shouted out loud "JYJ! JYJ! JYJ!" I really wish JYJ to hear that =)) People around that place were so excited XD The fanmeeting went well and ended around 6 PM ~

The venue at 11.30 AM

Some fans already waited there.. FULL of SPIRIT :D

Some ahjumas + young fans (I must say..the ahjuma fans are quite shy XD)

Chunsa ahjumas trying to hide their faces behind Yoochun's towels :P

6002 Glowstick + hair strip(??)

Even the cloak is JYJ stuff!! It's written "SUPER HERO"

Look carefully! It's not a normal hair ribbon at all XD see what??

Met an ahjuma fan in Potsdamer Platz ^.^  

Phoenix Fanmeeting.. there were 200+ people I think :D much more than we expected :))

Phoenix self made banner..

winkie winkie !! :D

2 similar banners from Phoenix ^^

JYJ concert poster!!!!

JYJ banner + Korean flag...lots of them are K-pop fans ^^

Some more posters :)

JaeTick, YooTrick, JunTruck LOL XDDD those figures are so cute <3<3<3

Fans are dancing Be My Girl keke"

And OMG!! this pic.. Miki gave me all those stuffs!!! O.O she is really nice and kind :DDD Thank you soOoo much Miki <3
I hope you guys enjoy the pictures :))
Please take out with full credit! ==> JYJ_reborn


  1. wow awesome thanks for sharing the pics how cool that soo many people are excited \^O^/

  2. Thanks for sharing dear!!

  3. Who's Miki.. Miki Yun?

  4. @Anonymous no no..not Miki Yun... Miki4JJ ^.^

  5. Waaaaa <3 I was there ;) the red banners were made by me :D kyaaaa this was absolutely one of the most precious moments I ever had... <3 I love you <3