31 January 2012

[PETITION] Collecting 100 000 Signatures for Demand an explanation from CGV

On 30th January 2012 this petition was created by Korean fans. We want to collect 100 000 signatures within 10 days. It's a difficult thing. Till now (31sth January) we have received around 7200 signatures ~ 7%.

To sign this petition you need to be a member of Daum first ( http://www.daum.net/ ). For international fans please follow this tutorial to regist Café Daum. Please check your e-mail. There, you'll receive codes to complete the registration.

*Click on the pictures to  view the full size*

When you're succesful with the registration. Please view this page to sign the petition ==> http://agora.media.daum.net/petition/view?id=118817

or this page ==> http://m.agora.media.daum.net/petition/mobile/view?id=118817

Please spread this!! I know 100 000 signatures are really much. But together we can reach our goal. We still have 9 days left ~~~ヾ(^∇^)Fighting!!

Tutorial Credit: Natalie via JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ_reborn


  1. JYJ reborn.. Congratulations!!!

  2. @Anonymous hmm congrats for what?? haha XD