13 March 2012

[Translation] 'MISSION: KILL JYJ IN 3 STEPS' identified with facts

팩트로 확인하는JYJ죽이기 작전 1,2,3단계
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'MISSION: KILL JYJ IN 3 STEPS' identified with facts

☞Step no. 1 (2009-2010) : Mission : Split fandom with the controversy of JYJ’s morality

1. The rumor that started before the lawsuit

(1) Spreading rumor and malicious interpretation regarding the audio of the meeting in June 26 (a.k.a 6.25 meeting)
→ It was found out it was just a meeting between fans and families of three members prepared with the breakup of TVXQ

(2) Spreading rumor that three members signed the document for the concert in Shenzhen, China
→ It was confirmed that the signatures of three members were used without permission (counterfeited) [☞Related News Article]

.... There are more rumors but they are skipped because there are too many to enumerate each of them.

2. The press conference by SM and 2 members right after the lawsuit began

(1) Claim by parents of 2 members: 3 members of TVXQ did it for cosmetic business… other 2 members are victims [☞Relate News Article]
※ Father of TVXQ member surnamed Shim “I heard an absurd story.” [☞Related News Article]
※ Father of TVXQ member surnamed Jung “Other 2 members are having great damages” [☞Related News Article]

(2) Shim, and Jung claim: "An unjust contract cannot be possible, it is sad” [☞Related News Article]

(3) The Press conference announcing SM’s official position: The state of TVXQ occurred due to their temptations for money through cosmetic business [☞Related News Article]

→Judgement of the police “Three members of TVXQ sued to terminate long, exclusive contracts and it has nothing to do with the investment with the cosmetic company” [☞Related News: SM Entertainment's CEO Kim Yongmin charged by the public prosecutor's office]

3. Disses done by 2 members when they restarted activity of TVXQ

(1) The expression of ‘TVXQ Act II’ from ‘Thanks to’ in Keep Your Head Down album

(2) Many statements like “I would like to give a clout with my knuckles” and “migratory bird“ by 2 members during interviews with different presses.
※Highlight : "TVXQ was a team made by SM Entertainment and we must stay in it. […] Depending on seasons, migratory birds migrate in large group. I might get criticized if I compare like this. But, we are the ones who did break away and staying in the place. And it is an irony for migratory birds which broke away to say “we are still part of the large group that we used to be part of before.”

(3) They expressed they ‘did not know about the lawsuit’ during the appearance on ‘Knee-drop Guru’
→ Knee-drop Guru “did not know about the lawsuit” Is the explanation of TVXQ genuine? [☞Related News Article]

4. Antis attacking JYJ while misusing articles from gossip column and nationalism

1) The rumor that JYJ try not to pay 600million Won as the donation for the earthquake in Japan
→ The fruition of shelter for earthquake victims by JYJ’s donation of 600 million Won for the earthquake in Japan. [☞Related News Article]

2) Spreading the rumor that JYJ could hold the concert in Tokyo under the protection of a Japanese right-wing organization by citing an article from Cyzo.
→ It was concluded that it was speculative, lascivious article.

3) The rumor that the articles with the problems regarding entertainers’ human rights and unfair exclusive contract problems by large Korean entertainment production companies by Le Monde and BBC were written due to a tip-off by a fan of JYJ.
→ Only their brainlessness were revealed with their absurd deduction.

- The result of Mission Step 1: FAILED
- The side effect of Mission Step 1: Concentration/unification of JYJ fandom and increase in passion as a fan during the process of taking active actions regarding rumors.


Step no. 2 (2010-2012): Mission: blocking the contact with public and fandom

(1) SM requested Warner Music Korea to cease the production and distribution of JYJ’s World Wide album by sending certification of contents
→ In October, 2010, the court adjudged SM needs to pay JYJ 20 million Won per each interrupted activity of JYJ.

(2) The Coalition of Korean Public Culture and Arts Industries sent an official document to request to defer the appearance of JYJ and visited the Drama Department of KBS
→ The Drama Department of KBS rejected the request and JYJ performed at 2010 KBS Drama Awards. But, the appearance in entertainment programs is still distant.

"The Coalition of Korean Public Culture and Arts Industries
CC: The secretary-general of the Coalition of Korean Public Culture and Arts Industries
From: The Coalition of Korean Public Culture and Arts Industries
Title: Request to refrain from casting JYJ and their appearance.
1. We wish the company’s tremendous success in everything you do.
2. We, The Coalition of Korean Public Culture and Arts Industries, are sending this official document for the development of Korean Public Culture and for the exchange of Hallyu culture.”

(3) SM sued and filed objections in court consecutively
→SM either lost or got rejected most of them.

(4) KMP Holdings, the joint company of 7 entertainment production companies including SM, YG and JYP, interrupted the distribution of the OST of ‘Sungkyungkwan Scandal’
→The production company of ‘Sungkyungkwan Scandal’, RaeMongRaeIn brought up the hypothesis of ‘the intervention of SM,’ the testimony by the official working in the distribution of sounds (MoneyToday, Sisa in)

(5) The Association of Korean Entertainment Producers filed a petition to influence the lawsuit of the demand for verification of nullity of the exclusive contract filed by some members of TVXQ (JYJ)

“The Petition
(SM Entertainment “TVXQ”)
The Association of Korean Entertainment Producers and its members are seriously concerned about the incident of some members of ‘TVXQ’ under SM Entertainment filing a lawsuit to nullify the exclusive contract and for its verification. If the court makes judgement favor to the 3, who are misusing the prejudice of public against ‘slave contract’ for their pursuits for economical profit, many entertainers will misuse the result to sue their entertainment production companies.
Thus, we request the members of the association to share and sign this petition.
The Cooperation: The Association of Korean Entertainment Producers”

(6) Block the appearance on music programs and entertainment programs of 3 terrestrial television companies. (There is no liaise for music and entertainment programs of 3 terrestrial television companies. KBS unilaterally cancelled the appearance of JYJ for the Special Broadcast of KBS Jeju.)

(7) QTV cancelled broadcasting JYJ’s documentary of daily life and CGV’s unilateral cancellation of the contract for JYJ’s ‘The Day.’
→ JYJ replaced to Lotte Cinema, and ‘The Day’ became the topic of conversation for its ticket sales and the number of audience.

- The result of Mission Step 2: FAILED
- The side effect of Mission Step 2: The Fair Trade Commission took action to advise rectifying the duration of contract, the judge consecutively ruled against SM, the exacerbation of public opinion toward The Coalition of Korean Public Culture and Arts Industries and The Association of Korean Entertainment Producers, JYJ appointed as honorary ambassadors both in and outside the country, increase in the number of commercials JYJ do, reinforcement of JYJ’s fandom, and etc.

Step 3(2011-2012, present) : Mission: Damage the image of JYJ through wordy warfare/ media presses

(1) The news of JYJ’s agency charged for fraud
→JYJ’s agency strongly refuted, “it was us who had economic damage. We will take legal actions” [☞Related News Article]

(2) Manipulating the media emphasizing the wealth of 3 members: tried to widen the distance between the public and members through news of members possessing real properties, cars, and yacht.
→It was concluded that Korean public do not take these kinds of news negatively.

(3) The controversies of members’ private lives in the past:
① The controversy of background picture that jtbc used for news related to a famous idol got threatened
-> There was official announcement that the rumor is not related to Park Yoochun.

② The news revealing edited audio file recorded by a saseng in 2009 and trying to induce the public criticismst became an opportunity to shed light on the stalking actions by sasengs. It is currently underway.

- The characteristic of Mission Step 3: the privileged class is not taking action directly and try to manipulate the public opinion through playing with the media.
- The result of Mission Step 3: It is currently underway. So far, the public opinion is not leaned to one side. Tracking the trend of public opinion is important.
- The side effect of Mission Step 3: It became an opportunity to raise the awareness of stalkers.


※ Then one can ask: “will there be Mission Step 4?”

In my opinion, there will not be Mission Step 4, but there can be more elaborate Step 3 anytime in the future. I think JYJ can win the lawsuit and their limitations will come loose during the process of Mission Step 3. It is just a gut feeling, but I think that time is getting closer like how it is darkest before the sun rises.

When the public opinion leans to one side, the privileged class will choose to compromise over self-destruction.

They will unwillingly request to compromise when they reach the point of self-destruction. Why? Because it is the nature of avaricious man to choose share something rather than losing everything. Thus, I think right now is the most important period of time for us, fans, to actively participate and make the public to know the truth.


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