05 February 2012

[SUMMARY] 120205 JaeJoong's Fanmeeting in Turkey

How Turkish fans have fun ;)

 A lot of fans waiting in the line!

 Fans at the entrance!

JYJ Project team!

Turkish red and white at Jaejoong FM!

- Fans screamed so loud even it was 20 minutes before the fanmeeting started!!
- Song:you are so beautiful
- Elisabeth Teaser is shown
- Get Out MV
- everyone's singing along :D
- Song: In Heaven
- Song: Mission
- Song: Ayyy Girl

☆--:*:--☆ Here we goOoo!! ☆--:*:--☆

here comes Jaejoong!

- MC: What was your first reaction when u got invited to Turkey?
JJ: i thought there would be a lot of Koreans but there are a lot of fans ^^

- He said he was thankful to be the first one to come to Turkey as a Kpop artist.

- a JYJ concert in turkey is in talks

- JJ:turkish food is really tasty..because I like spicy food I ate it first..the 1st thing that came to my mind when I came here was Ayasofya

- JJ: you're so pretty I could marry a turkish girl (OMG %/%/%/ lol) when he said this he hid under the table cuz he was so shy

- Jae said that he will play in a new drama!!

- he talked about the turkish and korean veterans & he said that he's very happy in turkey

- JJ: after seeing you here I feel like I can live here

- everyone sang the happy birthday song to Jaejoong~ he liked the cake & took the figure on top of it & gave to a fan but the head fell off

- he said that he wouldn't think that all of Turkey would celebrate his birthday, they showed him a fanvideo & he said the girls are pretty

- Jaejoong presonally gave 100 signed CD's to the fans & he sang a bit live~

- a fan whispered something in Jae's ear so he got all shy

- 10 fans got to take a pictures with him~ the first one got a hug from jae as well..another one got a rose from him & he shook her hand

- a girl kissed Jaejoong in our traditional turkish way but the staff kinda held her back
*** FYI: Turkish kissing => kissing on cheeks

- another one bowed 3 times in front of him so he did the same to her

- Jae's sorry cuz he couldn't take pictures with everyone so he said that at the end of the fanmeet he will take pics wiht another 5 people

He took photos with lucky fans

- He took the last flower given to him and finished but I don't know the certainty of this info

- Jaejoong left the university for hotel give 5 little signed photos to security guards then to 5 girls

- At the end of the program he'll be giving 5 cd's personally

- the fanmeet is over~ he said that he'd love to stay longer in Turkey & that he's glad that this is his first activity in 2012

Thanks to @JYJTurkey @dilarashi and @UmChinDdal for all updates (。◕‿◕。)
And not to forget this kind person @tigimasaii for the live streaming.We all really enjoyed watching it ^______^^
**Right after the fanmeeting Jaejeoong tweeted "I love TURKEY! TURKEY fan's is so active n cut^^" and "e~ haha" cause he spelled the word "cute" wrong XDD

Summarized by: JYJ_reborn


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